Technology Is A Reliable Source Of Communication Essay

1188 Words May 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Technology has improved in todays society, so much that it has become a reliable source of communication, and storage for very important files and documents. Ones own memory however is very important to stimulate for their own good, and for times that technology cannot be accessible. As stated by Sophie McBain author of “Head In The Cloud”. “ Apart from the few occasions when my phone has run out of battery at a crucial moment, or the day I was accidentally plunged it into hot tea, or the evening my handbag was stolen, it hasn 't seemed to matter that I have downloaded most of my working memory on electronic devices.” This is a perfect example of why one should rely on their own memory instead of technology. Had McBain been able to access her husband from a landline, and didn 't remember her husbands number her memory would not been able to serve its purpose; since she sole relies on her cell phone. As dependent as most individuals are on technology, I try to not rely on it for everything. Remembering important numbers, and addresses, as well as working out math problems without a calculator are essentially important. Therefore everyone should learn how not to rely so much on technology, for a number of many reasons. Relying on technology can make people feel smart with spelling auto correction, and finding answers to a question by just typing it in the search engine. Instead of doing the proper research to find an answer, most people can only give you a straight forward…

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