Technology Is A Important Part Of Society Today Essay

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Technology is a very important part of society today by helping people to learn, making many tasks in life easier, and simplifying jobs across many career fields. In the legal field, there are many jobs that use technology to make enforcing laws simpler; some legal jobs that are simplified by the use of technology include police officers, lawyers, and paralegals. This literature review will delve into some of the different technologies that police officers, lawyers, paralegals, and judges use to simplify their jobs of enforcing our nations laws.
First, one of the newer technological devices that has been introduced into the police branch of law enforcement are license plate readers. License plate readers are used by police officers in order to combat auto thefts, find people who are wanted for various crimes, etc. License plate readers take pictures of passing vehicles and license plates, then a computer system compares those pictures to a database of vehicles that have been flagged due to the vehicles owner being wanted by the police for breaking the law in some way (Gierlack, 2014). Keith Gierlack (2014) supports the idea of license plate readers simplifying an officers job by saying, “This technology captures images of exponentially more vehicles than any single officer possibly can, and the information generated may also be stored in databases, allowing investigators potentially to analyze these data for more complex and open investigations of serious crimes” (pg. xi).…

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