Essay Technology Is A Great Thing For Children

807 Words Jan 12th, 2016 4 Pages
While technology is a great thing for children, I believe parents should regulate the amount of technology they allow children to use daily. Often time’s extreme amounts of technology usage in children can cause distraction, isolation, and some are losing the ability to display proper verbal communication skills. The type of claim my thesis statement expresses is the claim of cause. I feel this way because I am speaking directly about a cause and effect. If children use too much technology it will cause X and the effect will be Z. I believe I have an effective and persuasive thesis statement because within my thesis, I am reaching out to the opposing side right away. I made it clear that technology is a great thing but, there are reasons why it should be limited in children. I stated my point, then added a “because” clause to show why it should be limited. Later on in my argument I will give different alternatives to technology usage as well.
I plan to use the appeals of the Logos, Ethos, and Pathos to make my argument more compelling to my audience by utilizing each of them in great detail. With the Logos I plan to navigate my way into my audience’s minds. I want to use logic to get them to understand the importance of the topic. In unit three we learned about the appeal of Logos. According to the learning activities to get an audience to logically understand something there must be facts, examples, and even the use of personal experiences. I will take advantage of…

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