Essay about Technology Is A Big Part Of Popular Culture

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Technology is a big part of popular culture. Technology have a huge impact on the world because people depend on it as a form of entertainment. Technology has evolved tremendously in the world and made an even bigger impact on popular culture more than anything especially with the smartphone industry. Telephones have advanced so much in the years from flip phones to the newest smart product there is. There are not many people out there that still owns flip phones but, if you leave your house it is guaranteed that you will spot somebody with a smartphone. The advancement in technology caused the advancement in our cellular devices to increase incredibly high, almost everybody owns a smart phone or a smart device in this generation. I believe the most advanced brand is Apple and Androids. I believe the iPhone is a better phone than the android because it has better features and updates, the android may have the same features as the iPhone and be more affordable but they are not as powerful and dependable, both of the smartphones have developed a long way from history.
Apples iPhone are usually a go to for a lot of people and with the advancement being made with the brand every year and a brand new iPhone update almost every year have made the Apple brand a big part of this popular culture of this generation. The iPhone have an in-voice personal assistant who can do anything you can ask it to do. “Talk to Siri as you would to a friend and it can help you get things done — like…

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