Essay about Technology Into Secondary School Classrooms

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The Oxford dictionary defines technology as “machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge” (Simpson & Weiner, 1989). Technology includes computers, projectors, smart boards and many other types of devices that you may have seen your teacher use in your classroom at one point in your life. The decision whether to integrate technology into secondary school classrooms has become a large issue as the rise of technology has become much more evident in today’s society. I had the opportunity to speak to two secondary school teachers about how they use technology in their classrooms and what the advantages and disadvantages are. For the purposes of this article I will use pseudonyms for these teachers and I will refer to them as Mr. Johnson and Ms. Parker. Some of the ways these teachers chose to use technology were by using PowerPoint presentations during lessons, having students hand in assignments electronically through email or class forum and using a projector to teach the class. I will be examining the issue of the integration of technology in secondary schools and how it can be used effectively. To integrate technology into classrooms there are many steps the educators must take for it to be successful. First teachers much avoid the fear of change in their classrooms and try to be optimistic about the potential good technology could do in their classrooms (N. Bitner & J. Bitner, 2002). Once the fear of change is concurred then teachers must be provided the…

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