Should Technology Be Used In The Classroom?

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In today’s world technology is everywhere, it is used in almost any situation you could find yourself in, so why are schools so far behind the rest of the world. Many administrators and teachers believe that this tech is more of a distraction than an advantage to students and teachers. Now, many people are pushing for a change in the classroom, that will help schools catch up to outside world that it is supposed to prepare students for. While technology can be distracting students will need to be prepared, because these distractions will be everywhere when they finish school. Technology should be used in school despite the distractions because it helps teachers teach and students learn, it is what will be used in the real world, and it makes …show more content…
Esther Wojcicki and Lance Izumi co-authors of Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom, believe that something as simple as more control can be the key to creating a desire for learning. “Giving students some control of their learning is the key to engagement” (Wadhwa). The two authors believe that many teachers a trained to maintain control, and believe that allowing students to take things into their own hands will be evaluated as “loss of control”, and the teachers do not want to take these risks. The authors believe once teachers take this risk their students will become more invested in their own …show more content…
Technology in the classroom has many advantages like, making it easier for students to do research and to communicate with their teachers and their peers, as well as creating more self reliant students, and making students more enthusiastic towards learning. Students will be working in a world that increasingly uses technology in the workplace and it only makes sense to teach them what they will be experiencing in the real world. While new technology can be distracting for students, or just a reason to not train teachers as well, it is also a big advantage in the classroom and gives students an even bigger advantage in the real world where this technology is in the vast majority of workplaces today and the popularity of this technology is only

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