Science Fiction In The Matrix And Star Wars

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Science fiction, which is a fiction that deals with the impact of actual or imagined science as if we see the future. For example, one character can fly to the sky after taking medicine, can be an invisible man, and can go to the past or future with a time machine. In the case of the old science fiction movie, characters use a little technology that is similar to a smartphone which we use. Recently, some of the things that we only see in the movie actualize around us. If I argue some examples, the world of science fiction is a modern genre. Authors study science to get knowledge, to write their articles. I have watched some science fiction such as ‘Avatar, ' ‘The Matrix’ and ‘Star Wars. ' One of the movies that I will mention is ‘Star Wars.’ The SF movie, firstly, was released in 1977 and has physics, space technology. “I’m your father.” The dialogue that is from ‘Star Wars Episode V’ is the most impressive to me since the two characters fought each other, I could not realize he is a father. The movie has a lot of episodes, but I will review ‘Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace,’ that was …show more content…
Nonetheless, the genre also has many kinds of stories. Technologies that shows on the movie, game and novels seem fictional things. As the time goes on, the technologies can be really around us. Someone just feels that it cannot come true, but they can be surprised what it comes true. Going to space is still hard; however, someday everybody can go to space, live on another planet, exchange with other tribes such as Star Wars movie. In conclusion, Science Fiction will be close to everywhere. Star Wars movie is a good material for science fiction, makes sense easily for children, and has the ability to continue from one story to the next, which feels us expect. When Qui-Gon Jinn died, I felt unpleasant as if the movie throws a Monkey Spanner in the works because the battle with trade unions won, but one of the main characters

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