Labor And Management Relations Essay

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Technology has brought an evolution to the work place due to its constant and ever changing progress. This is why there is the Labor Management Relations Act or known as the (Taft Hartley Act). Labor management relations started during the post World War Two era, however it has proven itself as needed even in this day and age. With technology and globalization the Labor -Management Relations Act has and is being revised and added to as needed in the world today. Labor and management feelings on technology is controversial, however it is not between each group alone, but among their own as well. With increasing technology, relationships between labor and management has become increasingly hostile. In return laborers are looking at returning to unions. There is no doubt that relations between labor and management are consistently on edge and in need of clearer communications. Over the last few decades, the growth of technology has and still is impacting the labor and management relations, some workers are resistant towards the changes as others may not feel threatened. Due to the progressing of technology laborers have concerns. Some of these concerns are safety, privacy, discrimination, and job loss. However, laborers are not the only ones with concerns, as some management have voiced …show more content…
With laborers fearing the loss of their jobs due to technology it may cause an upraise, strike, or refusal in learning the new technology. However, labors do not realize some management hold the same fears in being replaced due to inefficiency or inadequacies. Management fears what would happen if they are unable motivate labors to work, make mistakes in training their labors, or are not able to transition the work place over to the new technology in the allotted time. This may cause them to be viewed as inadequate or inefficient contributing to them losing their

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