Technology In Jon Ronson's So You Ve Been Publicly Shamed

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Growing up most kids are taught the importance of basic manners. At one point in our lives everyone is taught to be patient, appreciative, and above all kind to one another. Kids are also taught the importance of communicating with others. I was always told to use my words, rather than throw a tantrum. These are basic manners that while everyone in taught it does not mean that they are all conveyed. Public shaming is the result of others not following the basic manners. In the book “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed”, the author Jon Ronson Wrote about an incident between two people at a tech conference. That specific short story was based on Hank and Adriana. Hank and one of his friends were at a tech conference and throughout the conference …show more content…
Kids are becoming addicted to the internet at young ages. Growing up I was always told by parents that I couldn't have a phone until I entered at least middle school, and today a child as young as 7 can have a phone. Technology has become a necessity, not because we cannot survive without it but because we have become lazy, and dependent on it. I am sure that everyone is guilty of complaining and saying that we cannot live with our phones or laptops, etc.
The Novel So You've been publicly shamed deals with the issue of technology and how it has affected lives. The author talks about the pro and cons of using technology. While their are pros to using technology there are also cons, and unfortunately the cons outweigh the pros. As a nation our obsession with technology has gone to a whole other
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In today's day and age it is important for everyone to be aware, and conscious of their surroundings. The way that I would teach the themes of these of the novel, is quite simple, I would use the examples from text along with current situations. For example a couple of months ago a video went viral of a passenger being asked to leave a flight. That passenger was publicly humiliated and as far as the airline company faced major consequences.
The only way to truly convey the message of how harmful public shaming is it's important to show how it still affects the lives of many people today, and I believe that the best way to show that it by keeping it current. New public shaming scandals occur every day, recently with the presidential debate there was a lot of public shaming that occurs. Therefore in order to teach student the true consequences of how public shaming affects others it important for the student to feel engaged, what better way than to use the world's current

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