Technology In Dave Eggers The Circle

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Imagine a world of transparency. Each human would have full access to every minuscule detail of another person’s life, from looking up their medical issues online, to watching a live stream of every single move they make. It is terrifying to imagine a society in which nothing is kept personal, and as the inherent nature of technology continues to progress, this threat will only become more of a reality. Dave Eggers illustrates this pseudo-utopian world in his novel, The Circle, where his characters are dependent upon technology to the utmost degree. An analytical question would be: would the technology mentioned in The Circle be worth implementing in today’s society?
Our protagonist, Mae Holland, runs us through her everyday observations and thoughts while she works at the Circle, a corporation that creates online applications and identities with the sole purpose of
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It was eye opening that I got to truly see how obsessive and distracting technology can be on your daily routine. Without technology at my fingertips, my attention was redirected to less superficial things. I was more productive in completing what I had to do and became more aware of my surroundings. I also developed a deeper appreciation for the things I was able to experience without a virtual lense. The idea of transparency is scary enough, and The Circle puts its readers into a world that is unfortunately, not that difficult to imagine. It has shown us that life without privacy would be detrimental to the state of our society and to our minds. If we were to implement the technology mentioned in The Circle, everyone would suffer the consequences. Our privacy would be non-existent, harrowing our mental state and our ability to live a meaningful and blissful

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