Technology Has Taken The Special Connection Out Of People Essay

840 Words Dec 4th, 2014 4 Pages
In today’s world, most of the things change every minute and a new discovery is made every day to make our life easier. All the newest technologies are discovered to benefit everybody in each and every way. Technology brings several changes to our every day’s life. Some of these changes are positive, but some are damaging been dangerous to the environment. Mostly people have become overly dependent on technology. Technology has taken the special connection out of people. We now text, Facebook, twitter, etc. Technology has helped in several technical and medicinal developments. However, like all things that work for themselves, we have advanced these technologies to be our helps. Technology can actually terminate the world if put in the wrong hands.

Let’s observe the particular interactions that have degenerated since the presence of technology. “ Instead of speaking with friends and family nearby the dinner table or sitting on front porches, stoops, and fire escapes to chat with passers-by, we converse in cyber space or via text for hours on end . . . saying next to nothing” (Houston Chronicle) Today, it’s rare to find a family that has family dinner every night. Family dinner is important to me, but it isn’t as important to my siblings. I have two sisters and one brother all in the range of twenty through twenty five years old. Out of the two, I am the only one (besides my mother) that makes an effort to sit down and have dinner. Every night, after my mom makes…

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