Technology Has Changed The Way We See The World Essay

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Seth Godin suggests children need to be prepared to meet challenges and opportunities that are growing at a rapid pace to be prepared to meet the needs of the industry (TES Talks). Technology has changed the way we see the world (TED Talks). Computers, cell phones, televisions, e-mail and video games have a large impact on our learning environment (TED Talks). Godin used a zero value to memorizing things which suggested we should spend less time teaching people to memorize things and more time teaching them to be successful in the world (TED Talks). Godin used dots and boxes to compare when memorizing to show the outcome (TED Talks). Godin compared education to brand names and schools to factories. Godin said we cannot teach connecting dots in a text book (TED Talks). Al schools are not on board with the modern technology that is offered in the educational system. Many of the seasoned teachers do not accept change and are getting away with the way they want to teach their students.

The suggestion about Sir Ken killing school had strong connections with Stop Stealing Dreams. Both speakers felt students had no need for a text books. Both agreed technology should be introduced to student at a young age. Student should be preparing for the future and memorizing should not be part of their education.

Are common core state standards a help or a hindrance in fostering creativity? Explain your thinking.

The common core is a hinder in fostering creativity for students to be…

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