Technology Has Changed The Way Society Essay

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Technology has changed the way society does everything. However, the way society perceives this change can be positive or negative. One extensive way social media has altered society is our newly developed communication style. Now, instead of sending letters, IPhones and texting are increasing in popularity. Instead of conversing face to face there is Facetime or instant messaging. Every aspect of human life has shifted as the result of smartphones, such as shopping, interacting, and sending photos. “The internet has taken away the wonderment that is a personal life” (Limottait). Whether this is awful information or not, nevertheless, the change is evident. While staying connected to loved ones thousands of miles away people utilize the help of Facebook or Twitter, but are distracted from the family or friends directly in front of them. Perception can determine if the change is harmful or beneficial to society. The growing number of cell phones or smartphones such as the iPhone, causes a major revision in communication. In Jill Suttie’s interview of Sherry Turkle the author of the book, Reclaiming Conversations, Turkle states, “ 89% of Americans say that during their last social interaction, they took out a phone, and 82% said that it deteriorated the conversation that they were in.” Insinuating they are unable to remain focused on the conversations they are having. Allowing people to text rather than talking face to face, cell phones are making calling seem obsolete.” For…

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