Essay on Technology Has Changed The Face Of Mass Media

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Advancements and technology have forever changed the face of mass media. Society has shied away from utilizing a market dominated by a few large firms prevalent since the early 1950’s. Mass Media has done a complete transformation, and with each change there has been a better outcome each time.A few great examples are the development of newspapers superseding town criers because newspapers offered an opportunity to record information. Magazines then superseded newspapers due to a broader scope of news, radio superseded magazines because it allowed information to be spread among a lot of people instantaneously, televisions superseded radio because it allowed viewers image as well as audio. The internet and more recent mass communication possibilities supersede television because it allows users an interactive experience. Mass Communication is beyond the days of bulky televisions, print and typography, we have come to an age where there a thousand different ways to access information and a variety of different ways information is delivered to us. This change in mass media has the ability to provide a better quality of news coverage.

T.S. Eliot feared that all this new information would bring us no closer to enlightenment: &Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?&( With the development of the web the amount of information could be overwhelming to some but for many who have grew up in this technological phase…

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