Technology Has A Huge Effect On Bullying Essay

1125 Words Nov 13th, 2015 5 Pages
As technology becomes an increasingly larger part of our world in the year of 2015, it is clear that certain things that may have not been relevant twenty years ago are becoming an increasingly large concern. Back in the day, things such as social media and the ways in which technology can be used today would have not been relevant research topics, as the information surrounding it would have been next to none, and in some cases, would have not existed at all. For this research paper, it will examine the way in which technology has lead to many new issues that would only be relevant for people living in today’s society. It is clear that bullying that is done over things such as social media platforms, and using technological devices such as cellphones has become more and more visible among adolescents. This paper will examine the way in which technology has an immense effect on bullying, and how things such as cellphones and computers foster a new way of bullying, that could be argued as one of the worst possible forms. By examining three different peer- reviewed articles, it will become clear that cyber bullying is becoming an increasingly larger concern within the context of schools and families.

This first article titled The Nature and Frequency of Cyber Bullying Behaviors and Victimization Experience in Young Canadian Children by Brett Holfeld and Bonnie J. Leadbeater examines how the increase of technology within the lives of young Canadians provides a direct…

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