Technology Gone Wrong Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Tech Gone Wrong In Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury outlines the despairing setting of a dystopian society where the protagonist, Guy Montag, lives and becomes aware of the controlling and uncaring environment of the technologically wired world. Bradbury explores the negative impact technology has in creating a mindless and insensitive society as he describes the fast paced setting of a people who have no solidity or aims. Montag does not notice the lack of depth of the despairing society until a young and innocent yet influential girl named Clarisse McClellan comes into his life and causes him to see the insensitive, mindless society as it really is. The adverse impact technology has on the futuristic society is further seen …show more content…
As Clarisse is conversing with Montag, she tells of the once “twenty [foot] long” billboards which had to be stretched out because “cars started rushing by so quickly” (7). Bradbury sets the rushed atmosphere of a wayward society whose ^ lives are so hasty nobody has the chance to become rooted or profound by describing the ignorant citizens who become mindless and senseless with no depth within due to their obsession with technology. They do not stop or pause from their frantic lives to savor or take in the details of the bleak world around them. Clarisse mentions that in this narrow society “people don’t talk about anything”and that everything they talk about is “only color and all abstract,” nothing of importance (28). As the ^ society drifts toward shallow facts and shallow things through the dense and dull use of speedy technology, they get farther away from the depth and stability that gives life more meaning and purpose. Bradbury implies the senseless and temporal attitude of the blind society through their lack of depth and profoundness of passive time spent with technology and no sense of their insignificant …show more content…
Bowles and Mildred Montag, who depend on technology to meet their needs and their comforts instead of more concrete things such as family or love. As Montag is expressing his frustration of the ignorant society, he mentions that he “can’t talk to the walls because they are yelling at me” and likewise that he “can’t talk to [his] wife; she listens to the walls” (78). Through society’s dependency and desire for mindless technology, Bradbury conveys the broken bond between humans which instead has been replaced with dull interaction with technology is seen as more important than quality time with a loved one. Bradbury illustrates the ^ way Mrs. Bowles has become a heartless person because of her detached use of technology as she “[heaves her children] into the ‘parlor’ and turn[s] the switch” to get them away from her (93). Bradbury develops the negative impact technology has on people as it causes relationships to burn away due to society’s selfish and unintelligent dependency on lifeless objects, such as “the parlor”. As society needs and lusts for something important that brings immediate satisfaction, Bradbury portrays the thoughtless and heedless intelligence of a people who are corrupted by mindless and an abstract desire for blind

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