Technology During World War II Essays

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Advancements in United States Air Force technology had a tremendous impact on World War II. Without it, the extent of knowledge and capability the Air Force had obtained from the air and on the ground would not have existed. World War II brought enhancements to aircraft, the evolvement of new devices, and much more giving America the edge it needed to rise to the top in World War II.

Aircraft was designed and enhanced for optimal performance. Older, upgraded aircraft gained the ability to have larger builds, go faster speeds, and go further distances than ever before. Whatever older modeled aircraft could not be modified to take on, newer models got designed to make sure they could uphold the conditions. The United States’ aircraft had to hold up to what the other countries had in their possession, so many planes got designed or changed based on what other countries already had. By mimicking and making their own versions of other countries’ planes, the United States made sure they had an equal opportunity compared to what other countries had. The equal, if not better, opportunity the United States made for themselves by having similar aircraft made them a force to be reckoned with throughout the


WIth the mimicked planes, the demand for them became higher. In some cases though, like the Brewster XA-32, the creation of the similar aircraft took way longer than expected and needed. The Brewster XA-32, the German Luftwaffe Junkers Ju 87 “Stuka” dive bomber…

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