Technology Autobiography : Technology And Technology Essay

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Technology Autobiography

During my life time I used a lot of technology and a there has also been a huge advancement in technology over the past two decades. For example computers were created and modernized to fit its growing consumer base, this consumer base including me and my friends. I have used computer since a very young age, learning stuff from my dad since a very young age as well, my dad worked fixing computer for my younger years, and it was always interesting how he got rid of viruses. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 was released in 1999 which I was learning last year in Ms. Stanton’s class. Game spy, a server host that was shut down in the last year was also founded in 1999. I actually used game spy servers a whole bunch seeing that a lot of games I played ran those servers including the halo servers we used last year.

My dad also gave me my first phone when I was around five, I believe it was like a Motorola flip phone, he gave it to me because since my mom wouldn’t allow me to stay in in his house, he wanted a way to keep in touch. I never really truly used it though it was actually lost for several years. Around the same time my grandfather gave, a five year old me, an ATV, which was interesting to say the least. I also got an android phone when they first came out and I was so amazed with the technology.

I remember playing a lot of PlayStation 2 in my childhood with games like sly cooper or kingdom hearts. I started playing videogames when some friends of mine…

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