Technology As A Tool For Learning Essay

959 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
As the human race continues to evolve in a variety of ways, some may want things to stay a certain way. The older generation of people were raised in different ways and like to continue the rest of their life as it is. Teachers in today 's generation were taught with older methods that include using pencils, papers, and chalkboards, rather than technology. They have not been exposed to the technology that has advanced since they have been taught and since getting their teaching certificates. The new and upcoming teachers in this generation are being taught differently and more advanced. As older teachers are being more strict when it comes to the use of laptops in the classroom, it is because they deem technology sd more of a distraction than a tool for learning. Many students choose the option of using laptops as a source to write down their notes. Teachers see that students who are more hands on with their notes seem to get a better understanding of the class. The laptops are looked at as the disturbance in the classrooms because teachers presume students are being distracted by it. As Barbara E. Weaver, and linda B.Nilson stated in their article of "Laptops in Class: What Are They Good For? What Can You Do with Them?", that laptops lend themselves to many activities. Such as In-class computing activities bringing other learning opportunities. Teachers have yet to understand that each student has an individual way of learning something. Some students can learn…

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