Technology As A Part Of Our Culture Essay examples

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The first week we discussed technology as a part of our culture and how it 's become something now days that 's essential to us whereas the reading "How to Stop Worrying and Learn to love the Internet (1999)" where people were just introduced to the phenomenal that is technology e.g mobiles, computers etc, at the time would help those who are anxious about using around that day and age. We had widely discussed and compared how technology has differed and how we have also, some pointed out how they couldn 't life without their phones because they would be "lost" as if the mobile phone was an extension of themselves which I found hard hitting but true because discussion and topic really made me aware of the cultural changes we have experienced thought technology from it being the radio then television started to takeover which would go on to how people would change they furniture to adapt to having a T.V from it being limiting to a certain time for e.g children because they wouldn 't go to bed because they were up watching t.v from now how family 's would stop eating at the dining table but eat in front of the t.v, how even in today 's day and age we shape the culture aspects of ourselves around technology is very thought provoking and intriguing so I like to hopefully seen this brought up in again in other modules and overall I very much enjoyed this module with ease.

Week 2 - Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message

The reading was from 1974 so its finding can change…

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