Essay on Technology As A New Gateway

790 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
The 21st-century has been full of changes, growth, and advancements, mainly a lot of advancements in technology. Somewhere technology has blossomed, and its use gets more important every day is in education. School now a day has evolved a tremendous amount from 10 years back with technology. From big desktop computers, floppy disks, and projectors, to small handheld laptops, interactive boards, and tablets. The 21st-century learners are surrounded by technology in its best forms, through computers, tablets, and smartboards now a day. Teachers need to know how to manipulate the technology to their advantage and use it in their classrooms in an effective way to teach and transmit a clear understanding. Technology can improve and develop the quality of education by providing curricular support in difficult subject areas (Safitry, 2015). Some might view technology as problematic, but like everything it has its pros and cons. I view technology as a new gateway to improve education. Students in their daily lives have a very strong connection to technology. In the palm of their hand, they carry smartphones, tablets with the internet and they can do and see whatever they please. At home they’re TV and computers, so why not transfer all that technology to schools and use it to the teachers and students’ advantage. Nevertheless, for technology to be successful in a school both the teachers and students need to pitch in and familiarize themselves with the new advancements. A study…

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