Social Influence Of Technology

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The use of technology in our time is overwhelming. We are attracted to the poison within, craving more of it as if we were starving. The use of technology will ruin our social, environmental, and learning abilities. It will be a slow decrease through each generation. Technology will be a source of everything instead of a luxury. People will need instead of want; technology will be something we lean on. It’s a toxicant that is slowly spreading into a disease.
Technology is gradually tearing our social abilities apart. Communication is a part of our social ability to learn but the venom of technology is demolishing that ability. Schools are slowly developing around technology that can be harmful towards children. Sharon Begley wrote in her article that “Screen activities trumps old fashion reading
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Others may argue that “Currant system was designed and conceived for different age…” (Robinson) which would be true; but it all falls back to the perniciousness of technology. Without the use technology our skills and abilities would be more developed and exercised more. We as a society believe that technology is a need; but it’s a necessity we do not need it. All that technology is going is making our abilities weaker instead of stronger. Mr. Robinson’s video stated that “Kids today are assailed by such a constant stream of input that they can’t even remember what they seen.” Another statement that is true in today’s society. We throw facts and knowledge in a kid 's face makes them or shows them how to multitask that become stressful. Sharon Begley also said “multitasking adversely affects how you learn. “With everything we are doing to the children is just making them less interested and more interest with what model phone they have next. Those children or young adults turn to technology as a soother, a drug that they always want. If we keep shoving information down their throats; we will become

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