Technology And The World Wide Web Essay

1480 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
I feel that taking up INFO 200 was one of the best decisions I have ever taken at the University Of Washington. It has opened a whole new perspective of looking at things for me. Previously any new technological discoveries or advances used to make me compute in my mind about the things used to create it, the data structures and the language that goes into making it, etc. However, after taking up this class my perspective has shifted to things like the design issues, the flaws with the user interface, the depth of a website, etc. Ultimately I feel that people’s perspective of technology is much better and makes more sense because ultimately each and every evolution of technology developed is for people.

In the Information core concepts the topic that I found the most interesting and relatable would have to be the Internet and the World Wide Web. Starting from the where it all began, it is all very interesting and informative. Being someone who does not really like the History of things, I really found Prof. Scott Barker’s explanation on “Packet Switching vs. Circuit Switching idea and how manually operators used to switch the Packets” (Prof. Scott Barker) both interesting and surprising. I had some idea about the things going on in background while searching for or entering a website but getting informed about the data which is transferred, the speed by which the data is transferred, how fast the transfer was in the past, how fast it is right now and how fast it will be…

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