Technology And The Word Technology Essay

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The word technology simply does not have a common definition that spells out what the meaning of the term is. Some, when this word is mentioned, like to think of technology in the sense of smartphones, mobile devices, and all sorts of electronics. Not to say that these common responses are incorrect but they are rather partial when it comes to the true definition of the term “Technology”. Richard Li-Hua, the author of The Journal of Technology Management in China, has stated that “the attempt to define technology is quite challenging, and people, in general, may have different interpretations as they are positioned differently” which might be a reason why some find technology as either an issue or a helper (Li-Hua). The word technology usually raises up many different images and commonly refers to what has been described as the “high-tech” or high-technology industries (Li-Hua). However, limiting technology in these areas alone is incomplete because some are very simple while others are very complex. Technology is defined as “firm-specific information concerning characteristics and performance properties of production processes and product design” (Li-Hua). While some think of complex products such as cellular devices or advanced weapons of war, technology is also considered as a simple product such as pens, papers, and pencils. The best way to define technology from Li-Hua 's perspective is simply this, “technology has to create things that benefit human beings” (Li-Hua).…

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