Technology And The Medical Field Essay

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Technology in the medical field has taken a very important role into helping society. Whether it is the handheld devices used on patients, the research that medical scientists and physicians are using to test for developing countless cures, and communications between doctors to find more information about a treatment. The main important factor in the medical field is research ("Medical Technology"). Research is extremely critical in the medical field because without it, people would not be able to live depending on their situations. Through the help of technology by the fundamental stability of research in the medical field, it is leading the way into helping the community. A new piece of technology called the “iKnife” is new equipment for surgeons to use. The iKnife is a cutting equipment used during surgeries to identify if the tissue is cancerous or not ("News: Health"). It is an electro-surgery, technology invented in the 1920’s that uses an electrical current to rapidly heat the tissue. As the knife is cutting through the tissue, it is also decreasing the amount of blood flow that is coming out. This device is the best equipment when surgery is needed because it has the ability to multitask. As when you go through the surgery, doctors will have an easy access and pathway when it comes to removing a cancerous tissue. While the patient is still under anesthetics, the surgeon can research more data on tissue and how it got there. Besides just the cutting of the tissue,…

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