Technology And The Medical Field Of Work Essay

721 Words Nov 16th, 2015 3 Pages
With new technological advances in today’s society things are moving very fast and would also apply to the medical field of work. Throughout this change of pace researchers and scientists have developed a technology called RIP. This piece of technology is used to make informed decisions about whether this patient should be administered life-saving treatment or allow the patients to die. This all happens in about a couple of milliseconds and tells the doctors what should be administered to the patient. This technology also gives the doctors some probability statistics whether the patients has a 90% chance of dying or a 30%. If it is lower than 5% then it won’t give life-saving treatment to the dying patient. This sort of technology is useful in emergency rooms as it can save lives faster while keeping costs low and stress low. In my personal expression towards RIP is that it’s a very good advancement in medical technology but they should still keep the human aspect of the job still there. What I mean by this is that the doctors have the final say whether they should still save the patient or not, like the doctors can override the system by having a key card or some sort of code to punch in. While in stressful situations Doctors can make mistakes when making a diagnosis but computers can’t so these computers are less likely to make a mistake then humans are. It said that know what product to use and how they should be treated which saves time for the patient…

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