Technology And The Impact On Children Essay

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Technology and the Impacts to Children The emergence and development in technology has impacted negatively to both the social and academic development of children. the issues of technology that children are facing today can be approached with the limitation in aspects such as riding bicycles, playing sports, and building forts. Technology has had much impact in terms of educational and social relations among young kids. For instance, children have recorded low performance with regard to the emergence of ipads and computers. This have all encouraged more use of these technologies and less time to socialize Children today lack the qualities to approach to s stranger. the development and emergence of technologies such as the ipads, smartphones, and computers has impacted on the social ability of young children. The social development of children greatly depends on the relationship children have within their environment. The mode of communication is an aspect that is imperative and adequately affects considerable development. The emergence of iphones that allow children to access the internet and approach nude videos and other immoral content has declined their morality. “Entertainment technology (TV, Internet, video games, iPads, cell phones) has advanced so rapidly, that families have scarcely noticed the significant impact and changes to their family structure and lifestyles” (Stephen, 203, pg. 46). This depicts that children have now relied on technology…

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