Technology And The Education Of Young Children Essay

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The NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) recommends that in any given situation, a professional judgment by the teacher is required to determine if a specific use of technology is age appropriate, individually appropriate, and culturally appropriate (2016). However, research in the field suggests that teachers are not always in agreement as to what is developmentally appropriate. Technology use is becoming common among California schools, and thanks to the California Department of Education’s technology plan many classrooms have desktop computers or laptops for the students to use (2014). Some classrooms have already introduced iPads and implemented one to one iPad use. Recent findings indicate that technology use with such devices as tablets, smartphones, video games, and iPods has increased from 6.21 hours a day among 8-18 year olds to 7.38 hours a day over five years (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). Children as young as age two are using iPads and tablets and have been labeled the generation of digital natives (Fleer, 2011; Prensky, 2001). With all this increase in technology use, the question arises, what impact does all this technology have on the two to six year old ‘s cognitive abilities? What are the benefits and risks? Is technology necessary or even helpful at the preschool level? While the research suggests that the iPad can offer unique ways to enhance literacy skills, specifically for the young student…

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