Technology And The Education Of American Students Today Essay

1325 Words Oct 21st, 2015 null Page
According to, “96 percent of teachers and 92 percents of parents believe that schools ' integration of technology in teaching and learning is important to the education of American students today.” Most schools in America today are taking advantage of technology to better teach students. Whether it be using interactive smart boards, laptops, or iPads, schools are coming more in touch with technology. Most children have been exposed to some kind of technology like a tv, cell phone, or computer, by the time that they reach school age, which gives them a head start in school. This provides let them become easier acclimated to going to school because they already know something. Technology use in elementary classrooms leads to more interactive assignments, exposure to helpful technology, technology dependence, decreased productivity, and better prepare students for the future which is why administration should balance the use of technology and other resources.
Using technology in elementary schools can help jumpstart their want to learn. Children enjoy games, love things they can touch and feel, and love anything that they can interact with. The use of technology in elementary schools will help children become better acclimated to learning outside of their homes. A study showed that if an assignment is computer-based, then children will learn a topic easier as opposed to learning the conventional way. (Lai) An interactive whiteboard has revolutionized the way…

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