Essay on Technology And The Classroom : What Point Will Learn Occur?

1106 Words Jul 17th, 2015 null Page
when the time comes to demonstrate knowledge later or never learn the concept at all. Also with many concepts building on others throughout an academic career, when one skill isn’t mastered and the student moves on they will often struggle at some point later in time. (McCabe, 1996) When students at any point can reach into their pockets and ask Google the answer to a question, at what point will learn occur?
The next element of this paper addresses how the distraction of technology in the classroom might outweigh the benefits of further implementation of technology. There is no question that for some elements of the teaching/ learning experience, technology is a tool that can be greatly instrumental in the comprehension of certain materials. When students can visually see how an element interacts with another, first hand it creates a type of understanding that a verbal description cannot. The same can be said for interactive learning. Some students learn more effectively when they can touch and visualize graphically what is happening. Technology offers the opportunity to do just that. Programs have been created that allow students to interact with the lessons that teachers prepare by means of researching a topic instantly that they don’t understand by using of hyperlinks found in PowerPoint’s, or accessing videos that help a student conceptualize a math problem with the ability to play it over and over again. Even the use of cell phones and tablets as digital audio and…

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