Technology And The Classroom For My Inner City School Essay

1070 Words Oct 31st, 2016 5 Pages
The purpose for this proposal is to encourage the adoption and integration of technology in the classroom for my inner city school with a high population of students with a low socioeconomic background. As we all know in our world today almost everything is technology driven. Technology has taken over the methodology of teaching. Even though technology has its pros and cons nonetheless I truly believe in incorporating technology in our classrooms will equip our middle school environment educationally challenge to accommodate 21st century skills. More so it will facilitate a resourceful environment, in which everyone involves, will succeed academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Looking at our school at the present we are socially disconnected. We are still tied to the old traditional way of teaching such as using heavy text books, traditional dusty chalkboards; accessibility to data is limited, more workload on the teachers and students. Additionally the key to success in most of the schools today is collaboration amongst administrators, teachers and students to meet the vision and mission of which has a big gap in our school.
My basis of recommending i technology integration into our school ties to the points listed above. Technology integration creates rapid development and advancements in school (Roblyer & Doering, 2013). For our students to be able to compete in 21st century we must accommodate technology into our teaching and learning for them to meet the…

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