Technology And The 21st Century Essay

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This paper explores how technology plays an important role in the lives of 21st century learners. As a future teacher I will need to keep up with technology in order to teach the students I will have. I have to incorporate technology into all my lessons and be able to explain it to students. Technology shapes many things in the classroom, and in this paper we will be exploring the issues and benefits. I will explain how teacher are addressing technology standards and skills in today’s classrooms, and how I will be teaching the 21st century learner. Through my research of various articles I will give examples on how teachers of today are shaping their students through technology. We will explore the outcomes of technology in the classroom – critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration and how these standards are implemented towards the 21st century learners.
Keywords: critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration
Becoming a 21st Century Teacher
Technology is growing at a very fast pace and it seems like it’s always challenging schools to have the lasted tech available. Even though technology for the most part helps the 21st century learner gain a better understanding of topics it does cause issues for teachers and schools. Technology is changing at a very rapid and constant pace that is creating both opportunities and challenges for both schools and teachers. It gives us an opportunity to access rich, multimedia content, and increase the use…

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