Essay on Technology And The 21st Century

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Technology and the 21st Century In the United States, the debate of technology is not so much as not providing it for students to use, but how to teach them the etiquette of using technology to help their education. Many educators are concerned with the idea of cyberslacking. Cyberslacking is where students use their technology for social media, texting, or surfing the internet, than for the assignment that is at hand. Students do not understand the privilege they have to use technology for research and design. For American children, technology has become more of an addiction than a necessary tool. Students do not appreciate or are aware of the opportunities that have in being able to learn using chromebooks, tablets, and cell phones. There are so many countries that would love to have the advancements that we do and there are also many countries that do not want to have access to technology in fear of losing sight of what matters most. We have the ability to use technology to compete at a global level, but there needs to be a better way of allowing students to have access to technology to learn, but a way that keeps the social temptations unavailable to them.
In the early 2000s, the Irish recognized a challenge in their education system. In order for future economic growth, there needed to be a stronger emphasis on research, design, and innovation using technology (Department of Education and Skills). The main subject that these basic tools are being provided is science.…

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