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Technology use within the classroom and modern education program The American school system faces a conflict with the use of modern technology and the constant evolving of the classroom. An issue has arisen with the balance between the technique and academic process in the United States. The situation at hand denied national enforcement, debates, and state level programs accompanied by private or community solutions. Although people criticize computers as a distraction and a waste in the classroom, the education system benefits by granting more options for school programs, teach students important skill sets necessary for the modern day job force, and allow education to evolve as technology does. Incorporating modern technology into …show more content…
Current times in business and education are spoiled with the ease of access and constant developing of technology to gain and distribute info. Children growing up with technology possess greater computer literacy than the majority of teachers, their innate skill sets with computers and other technologies can provide some advantages in the classroom (Zuckerman 79). The Internet is growing as an informative and communicative in education systems, giving acceptance throughout the US- with “Internet access use with 93 percent of computers located in the classroom and 96 percent having the ability to bring the tech into the classroom.” (Fast Facts). Benefits from these skills can be seen by the growth from industries that rely on computer related services. These technologies, or IT fields, provide a utility that is used in various situations from driving motor vehicles and diagnosing diseases, every contribution as vast as it is unique. (Bureau) The IT industry had significant impact to economy in general due to their exponential growth since 1990, businesses invested in computer services, producing employment rating by 18 percent between 2001 and 2011. Modern business resources like the cloud and cyber security giving modern IT-related occupations, rapid growth as well, projecting growth between 2010 …show more content…
In 1982, Time magazine recognized the computer as an essential tool and deemed it “Man of the year” (Purdue). In 1990, commercial use of the World Wide Web was declared, leading the creation of the Internet in 1993; the world exploded into a frenzy of newfound research and communication methods, dawning a technological revolution for the next generation (Purdue). The ability to evolve the classroom will continue along with the productivity and advancements in technology, history has brought a definite example of this evolution, with this in mind, the future can be viewed as a cycle of teaching standards and previous tools being replaced for more efficiency and overall ease of access (Purdue). As the technology became a reality, dreams developed and the cycle of human evolution began with the aspects of

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