Technology And Social Media Markets Essay

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In this section, the results of the research are presented. For each of the tasks carried out, the most important acquired data is presented.

Task 1. Expanding Wonka Industries Website and adding live chat With the increasing popularity of online purchasing, hundreds of businesses are utilizing attractive websites and live chat to increase sales. As a business owner, it is imperative for search engines to see your website and also to be able to convert live chat conversations into measurable sales. Live chat software is one of the many ways to accomplish this task.

In order to compete in today’s internet and social media markets, Wonka Industries website will need to be optimized so that search engines can see it. Search engines such as bing, google and yahoo are tools used to promote company products and services. By making it easy for search engines to see Wonka’s website, it will help drive traffic to the the site based on user’s search queries (“Social Media Platforms and Other Avenues for Promoting Your Business”)

Wonka Industries should consider implementing live chat on the website. With the on-demand nature of the web, potential customers consider getting immediate answers to questions a huge confidence booster. Armed with enough information to make a solid buying decision, live chat can be the difference between pressing that all-important “Place Order” button or abandoning the cart. In fact, according to a Forrester Research Study, 44% of…

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