Essay Technology And Social Isolation : Technology

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Technology and Social Isolation Over the past decade, has technology isolated us from the outside world? Well, technology rules our society, without it, we would be lost. Technology, for example, computers, cell phones, TVs, etc., have not been around for very long and we already rely so heavily on all of them to get us through the day. Presently, we utilize technology without batting an eye on what it is perhaps doing to us. The reason for the ordinary utilization of technology is that we are no longer regarding vis-à-vis discussion yet we want to content or utilize some kind of moment correspondence. Technology is a great resource to have in this day in age but it can be easily misused. Many people are addicted to their phones and social media and it makes them lose sight of what is important. The important thing here is that we limit ourselves to technology and not the other way around. Yes, technology in general has the potential of creating new jobs and young entrepreneurs but for people who do not use it in that sense, it can be detrimental if not used responsibly. As people are always caught up in their phones and what is happening on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media app. Overall, technology has the potential to be abused just like everything else. In today’s society, internet users compared to non-internet users spend less and less time with family and friends because of technology and how it changes the way we communicate with each…

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