Technology And Social Interactions : Technology Essay

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Technology and Social Interactions Technology is starting to revolutionize every aspect of life from the smallest of ways to the largest ways. With this comes changes in how we are socializing and communicating with those closest to us and with businesses. From checking in early to appointments all the way to sending your order to a restaurant before arriving, we are experiencing a technological revolution. But, what are these increases of technology use doing to our social aspects of life? The increasing use of technology in daily life is driving our social aspects into the dumps and ruining relationships between family, friends, and social interactions with strangers. Social media is affecting families because it is distracting parents from paying attention to their kids who are dying to get their full attention. While some may argue that these distractions are being caused by work related scenarios, in reality we all know they are watching videos or browsing through more than just their emails. In the article by Turkle, it was shown that, “...children were often times the ones complaining about their parents’ obsession with technology” (Turkle). As stated above, children are fighting more and more for attention from 2their parents and losing the battle. This has a negative influence on family relationships because children not only being rejected by their parents, but they are learning the behaviors of their parents. On the other hand, parents are having a hard time…

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