Technology And Other Sources Of Information Essay

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Technology and Other Sources of Information On-scene physical evidence like bedding, clothing or any other item the subjects involved came in contact with during the incident can establish a crime was committed or link the crime to Mr. Torres and the victim. Photograph and videotape of the scene can also be examined and used as evidence. Semen, blood, hairs, skin fibers or other trace evidence can be analyzed by evidence technicians using oblique and ultraviolet light to help identify hair and fibers, and blue light to assist in detecting semen. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) samples should be taken. DNA typing of biological material recovered from the crime scene will be sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation 's CODIS database of DNA profiles from convicted offenders to dfetermine if Mr. Torres DNA was on file.
Search warrants must explicitly state the evidence that is sought, investigators should if possible list anythingh from which a DNA analysis can be obtained. A search warrant is the preferred method of attaining DNA evidence due to the likelihood that such evidence being admitted in court is considerably greater than when it 's obtained in a surreptitious manner or a search incidental to arrest (Jetmore, 2006). The principle in homicide investigations that refer to a theoretical exchange between two objects is calledLocard 's "Exchange Principle." Basically it posits that a perpetrator will take away traces of the victim, leave behind traces of…

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