Technology And Its Impact On The World 's Growing Tech Movement And Soaring Nature Of The Human Beings

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The abstract nature of discussions on the detrimental and pragmatic influence of technology upon the way of thinking that human beings are geared to have made language and its affiliates loss proper notice among the social scientists. As they were not backed up with practical evidences and are prone to baseless hypothesis, they were left disregarded. Yet, the subject reemerged to the scientific panel discussion backed up with several practical and interdisciplinary researches.
This study-following the footprints of these public discussion- gears mainly on language and technology particularly on the development of language, attitudinal change and on the endangered languages & cultures. The objective of the study is to indicate the influence of the rapidly growing tech-movement and soaring nature of the technology revolution on the way of thinking of human beings. The objective has other sub-objectives: The first objective is to analyze its influence with regard to the social thought constructs along with the technology inventions. The second sub-objective is to show the contribution of technology in revitalizing the endangered languages and cultures that have been endangered for extinction either by nature or man-made reasons. This qualitative study follows various data collection methods such as interviewing, observation, and reviewing the previous data analyses methods. The study is significant in showing the harmful impact of technology on the language use and…

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