Technology And Its Impact On The Education System Essay

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The world has transformed and evolved vastly. New innovations have been introduced. Technology recently skyrocketed in popularity and has been the reason for so many advancements in an abundance of fields. There is rarely a moment or subject in where technology does not take a part in. The technology has successfully submerged society in every part of their daily lives and is the major source of innovation. New technological inventions and software have improved and benefited the educational system, healthcare, and the security and protection of communities in plenty of forms. Innovation and the introduction of technology in the education system engage and offer more opportunities to students. For example, an online article covered a study in North Carolina followed Mooresville Graded School students. The Mooresville students had their own laptops and were surrounded by technology. The 4th graders had a neatly organized laptop filled with “bookmarked practice sets and tutorials”. The integration of technology in the class proved to have a positive impact on the students’ attentive and problem-solving skills. The technology-rich school allows for more interaction, expression, and engagement in class, especially for the children who are timid. According to the article on interactive environments online has improved in effectiveness and online simulations have caused for a better memorization of information in the children. Since the mixture of technology and education in the…

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