Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

1129 Words Sep 20th, 2015 null Page
From over ten thousand years ago to the Industrial Revolution to what is now the Information Age, technology has grown significantly and affected not only one individual, but also the whole world. The complex creations of technology have rapidly evolved to the point where humans are dependent on technology for their daily needs and a stepping-stone for future endeavours. The innovations that several people have created have revolutionized the world in a major way from a simple light bulb to an airplane and satellites. However, where they are positive results lie potential negative consequences and it becomes conspicuous every day. As humans become more dependent on technology over the years, they become interdependent, which indicate their actions towards using technology, are proportional to the results of the world itself. The changes that come into existence from technology are taking a toll on the modern world and it becomes apparent as people ignore that fact. Furthermore, since the average person does not pay much attention to society as a whole, the abundant causes that develops from the impairment from technology is increasing and the imprint that it leaves can result in permanent damage to every person on earth. For centuries and during this time, the surge of technology is still only beginning and unique ideas are necessary to find ways to create a positive transformation in their own economy. Although the existence and expansion of technology allow new…

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