Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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For as long as there are words on a page—or screen—there will be a need for typesetting. Similar to other technology reliant disciplines, typesetting has experienced several key transitions over the past few decades. From industrial to digital, the way people work and interact with type has been altered by advances in publishing technological. In fact, some aspects of typesetting have changed so completely that those working in the field have needed to adjust to technology that would be soon rendered obsolete several times during their careers. Fear not though as the role of the typesetter has not gone away; it has merely moved and redefined itself to suit the evolving technology of the day.
The typesetter has played an integral role in both the printing and publishing industries since it originated in the 15th century with Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type. This technology remained relatively unchanged until the late 1800s when the typesetter industry was “shaken by three waves of radical, competence-destroying technological change”, noting that with “each new generation of technology was accompanied by significant new entry into the industry.” (Tripsas 2008, p. 86). During this time, the role that the typesetter played within the publishing industry continued changing into the late 20th century, when the advent of desktop publishing (DTP) heralded the dawn of the digital age. The introduction of DTP revolutionised typesetting with the introduction of…

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