Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

1407 Words May 13th, 2015 null Page
Walking down the halls at River Dell, you tend to hear other peoples conversations. You listen as friends tell stories, or couples argue about something trivial. You don’t realize that people talk like they’re texting because well, why would you? If you listen closely, you notice that people say LOL and OMG, but you also realize that they can’t seem to notice the other person’s body language. You think to yourself, how does that person not realize that the other person is upset? Do they realize their arms are crossed? After analyzing the two articles about technology and socialization, it is safe to say that technology is really making an impact on this generation. Technology is impairing our nonverbal skills and is causing us to hide behind out computers and phones. It’s replacing everything the people are so used to doing since the beginning of time. It’s giving people a reason to run away and hide because technology is so accessible. We need to use technology to our advantage and use it to discover new things, not run away from our feelings.
The first example of how technology is impairing our communication skills is written by author Michiko Kakutani’s in her book review, “‘Friends’ Without a Personal Touch” appeared in The New York Times in February 2011. It addresses the topic of Technology and Socialization and argues that Technology is causing our nonverbal skills to diminish more and more every day. She supports this claim by explaining how Sherry Turkle’s book,…

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