Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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Throughout history in the United States, technology development increased drastically. The development of technology and its usage has impacted many individuals and organizations. In the 1980s, United States, United Kingdom and Australia governments have implemented the usage of technology in the school environment (Lynch, 2006). These governments wanted to integrate the use of technology in the schools, so that students could use technology as a learning tool to improve their learning and teaching experience. Even though, the concept of students using technology to improve their learning, there were some ethical issues with the use of technology in the schools.
One of the ethical issue came from teachers and their view on how the technology could impact the students’ willingness to comprehend the content given by the teachers. Teachers were concerned with students’ reading skills, because students would scroll through the screen and it could lead them to misinterpret the content (Yunus et al., 2013). Another ethical issue is the impact that technology usage has on test scores. The more the usage of technology were in schools, did not result into higher test scores (Lynch 2006). Based on Lynch’s (2006) research the usage of technology was used as a measuring instrument. This measuring instrument was not reliable, because the participants varied based on the grade levels (Grinnell, Williams & Unrau, 2016). Even though teachers and governments wanted to enhance student…

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