Technology And Its Impact On Students Essay examples

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In recent generations, people of all ages have experienced a tremendous amount of exceptional advances in technology. A multitude of educators and scholars are against implementing the use of technology in the classroom. However, technologies impact on students’ is vital to the way they learn and grow. Technology is a vital asset that is used to benefit students by allowing them to become involved in their studies, allowing them to interact in group work with the students in the classroom, and allowing them to be up-to-date on breaking situations as they happen, all from the comfort of the classroom. Getting students involved is a key asset that allows them to be able to work efficiently with others and helps them further their knowledge of real life situations. Whether it be a daily bell ringer that lets the student google his or her response to something that is a real world scenario or using an online thesaurus to be able to expand his or her vocabulary, technology is needed to promote the student to prosper mentally and emotionally. Several writers, such as Neil Postman, author of the article Virtual Students, Digital Classrooms, gives his or her own opinion in relation to whether technology is necessary in the learning environment or not. In the passage he states, “In fact, there are those, like Lewis Perelman, who argue (for example, in his book, School’s Out) that modern information technologies have rendered schools entirely irrelevant since there is now much…

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