Technology And Its Impact On Students Essay

1092 Words Mar 24th, 2016 5 Pages
In today’s world technology is everywhere, it is used in almost any situation you could find yourself in, so why are schools so far behind the rest of the world. Many administrators and teachers believe that this tech is more of a distraction than an advantage to students and teachers. Now, many people are pushing for a change in the classroom, that will help schools catch up to outside world that it is supposed to prepare students for. While technology can be distracting students will need to be prepared, because these distractions will be everywhere when they finish school. Technology should be used in school despite the distractions because it helps teachers teach and students learn, it is what will be used in the real world, and it makes students more enthusiastic towards learning.
Technology opens up many new and interesting ways for teachers to help students learn and become more responsible for themselves. Ryan Lytle a writer for U.S. news spoke to Stacey Roshan, an AP Calculus Teacher who spoke about a flipped classroom, "Instead of lecturing in class, I lecture to them when they 're at home, and we work problems together [in the classroom]” (Lytle). Roshan records her lectures so that students can view them at home and then come into class to do their “homework” with the help of the teacher. This helps students because they are not left to figure the homework out on their own. A study shows by IT Opportunities in the Education Market shows “ that 78 percent of K-12…

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