Essay about Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Throughout the world in which we live in, technology has grown tremendously and has impacted many people. Some people may say that technology has overpowered the human population and has caused people to grow in laziness and become less engaged in their health. This is a false statement because technology has made an outstanding difference on today 's society by allowing things to be processed in a quicker and more accessible manner through better communication and enhances humans to become better educated and more professional.

Technology helps create stronger communication skills. Technology allows people to communicate in multiple different ways, which allows people to contact others more frequently and efficiently. Whether it’s through an email, a text message, or just simply a call, technology gives us the ability to send out and obtain information in such a quick manner. Since people are able to do this it helps strengthen many relationships in a more meaningful and serious way. Humans are able to express their feelings and become closer to one another with the use of technology. For example, technology allows you to contact someone who is out of state or just simply not in your presence. It allows you to talk about a certain topics and still obtain the same emotion whether you are with them or not. "By creating technologies that help to create emotionally significant experiences during acts of communication, we are supporting the relationship in a more meaningful,…

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