Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

1496 Words Aug 11th, 2016 null Page
Technology has really grown in the past ten years and is now being is practiced in everyday lives. Everywhere people look, buildings, cars, and roads surround us, and we use these items daily without thinking. While technology shapes our economies and cities, one technological item we tend to use most in our lifestyles are computers, and is projected to increase by 22. An abundance of programs today aids us in the creation of new ideas and machinery, and with modern electronics being built frequently, the latest software is required to accommodate these fine pieces of hardware. Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, Instagram, YouTube, and more all help to satisfy human needs and hobbies, some useful, personal, and just sick. To be able to construct these applications and support software that we need to use would just be honorable, and its change us as humans. This is why technology is one of today’s most important topics in the United States because of how rapid the industry today is growing and how it has many benefits people look at when seeking employment. You are probably wondering what so bad about technology when it is evolving so fast. It’s the new craze and the money maker, but are we forcing it down our kids throats? Schools everywhere are integrating class where kids have to work with the new technology or learn how to program at a young ages, which is not an easy thing to learn. Programming can take hours to finish and instead of spending money on new books and…

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