Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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As human beings living in todays world, we have literally been kicked in the face with tons of new inventions and technologies intended to help us learn and make our lives easier and more organized. Technology has also been utilized in the medical field to help cure diseases, prolong the life of sick individuals, and just improve peoples happiness and health in general. The sky 's the limit when it comes to new technology. Along with these creations, technology will continue to develop and improve over the coming years and there isn 't anything much getting in the way of that. While some people are on board with it, others look at the big picture and realize how the obsessions over technology can be a very bad thing if it is used too much or not used the right way. This goes for social media as well. Social media has also taken a toll on the minds of its users. The media portrays certain looks and lifestyles to be acceptable, while it shuns upon others. For example, the media will praise a celebrity who is filthy rich, parties nonstop, or uses drugs and alcohol, but will bypass someone who lives a completely opposite and healthier lifestyle. So what is that telling us? Basically it is saying that what our parents taught us not to do as a child is what the media praises and seeks. Technology is definitely dumbing us down due to the simple fact that we rely too much on these tools to find the answer to everything instead of relying on our God given intelligence. Ever…

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