Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

1214 Words Oct 19th, 2015 null Page
In modern days, Technology was not as popular as it is today. Many things have changed since then which results in either positive or negative behavior. For example, in an article that I read an 80 year old man was interviewed to get an insight on how society was without the fancy technology like today. The older guy experience was definitely different. He stated that life was much simpler, items were much cheaper, and overall he believed his generation was better to grow up in. Just by the example that I provided above shows that every individual has a different insight on which generation is a better society to grow up in. A lot of the decisions are based on what is very known today as “Technology”. In many parts of the world today, technology overall has taken a toll on individuals ability to have proper social and personal behavior skills.
Body Paragraph I am quite sure everyone wonders what technology consisted of; before the 20th century invented the creative solutions that occur in today’s society. Let’s look into the time periods of BCs- 1800s. Most of the communication started with Postal Services in the 550 BC time frame. “Postal Services” were one of the earliest methods of communicating with others within great distances from one another. As it first begun the delivery method was not even close to how things are handled in the 20th century; due to the fact the mail would be delivered to you by hand. As time went along, the year of 1792 brought the…

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